Principal Forms

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Application or renewal form:

This form must be used by those who want to join or renew their adhesion to the Corporation. Wether you intend to train, to fight, to act as a trainer or do any others activities, you must be member in good standing and therefore have completed this form and paid the membership fee. Then, and only after being accepted as a member in good standing, will you be allowed to complete the forms for the activities you want to do. e.g.. Fighter, Trainer or Official.

Application or renewal.pdf


Form for recreative member:

This form must be use by those who want to become members in good standing of the Corporation. It allow you to participate to all activities except fighting in a competition or act as a trainer. 

Recreative member.pdf


Application or renewal form for trainer’s certification:

This form must be use by those who want to be certified as trainers. If  you meet our requirements as describe in our safety regulation ( that you may consult in the Rules and Regulations item of the main menu ), than you may complete this form then send it to us with all attestations required and the annual trainers fee.

 Trainer’s certification.pdf 


Web site information's forms for trainers:

This form must beuse only by our certified trainers. It gives us the possibilities to show all the information that it contain on our web site under the item Trainer on the main menu

Web site information's for trainers.pdf


Contestant’s identification form:

This form must obligatorily be properly completed by all new fighters and their trainers before their first fight. This form has three sections. In the first one, “ Contestant’s identification form” we can see the basics informations on identity and fighter fight record. In the second one, “ authorization to fight” the trainer must give his agreement for this fighter to take part in competitions. And finally, in the third one, “ Clause of knowledge of the regulation” the fighter, and the holder of the parental authority if the fighter is under 18 years old,) must undersigned this section in which he ( or they ) declare that he ( or they ) are aware of the Corporation’s regulation.  

No fighters will be allow to fight if this form hase not been properly completed and undersigned by all those concerned.

Contestant’s identification.pdf


Medical examination certificate:

This form must be use by anybody who want to train or fight. We recommend that all our members to ask their family doctor to complete this form even if they intend to only train without participating to competitions. But, if they intend to participate in competitions, they must provide this form duly complete to the Corporation before their first fight.

Medical examination certificate.pdf


Request for class of experience upgrading :

This form must be use by all fighters with a record of 5 fights or less  (novice class) who want to fight against fighters with more than 5 fights of experience (open class). When the fighter and his trainer considers that the fighter has the abilities, and enough fighting techniques, is strong, mature and experience enough to be oppose to fighters of the open class and that he wants to do so, both of them must sign this form and hand it to the Corporation representative on duty at the weigh in. When the request has been accept by the Corporation  representative on duty, the fighter is upgraded in his new class and will not be allow anymore to fight against fighters from the novice class.

Class of experience upgrading.pdf


Request for age category upgrading:

This form must be use by all junior fighters and undersigned by his holder of parental authority if they want the fighter to be upgraded in a superior age categories. ( eg. From the 12 and 13 years old category to the 14 and 15 years old category or from the 16 and 17 years old to the senior category ). The form must be duly completed by those  concerned and handed to the Corporation representative on duty at the weigh in. When the request has been accepted by the Corporation representative on duty, The fighter is upgrade in his new age category and will not be allowed anymore to fight against fighters from a lower age category.

Age category upgrading.pdf


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