A word from the president

Sept-October 2018


At the annual general meeting on Sept. 9. 18, we elected a new Board of Directors. You can find it in the item the Corporation on this web site. It was also decided to relieve me in my duties, by creating committees composed of competent members and interested in getting involved. You will find the list and the description under the new Board.

 For example, the medical Committee may advise the Board regarding medical forms and positions to be adopted concerning the field of health (e.g. concussions).

 The officials Committee will be able to develop the training of officials. He must also manage the assignments of officials on duty at the galas to which a memorandum of understanding signed by the organizer and the CKBAQ & DA. I will keep the task to grant sanctions taking into account the availability date and officials.

 Safety regulations approved by the MEES-LS Committee shall review this regulation in order to allow sanctions fights on tatami.

 Therefore, any member in good standing and to sit on one or committees can submit their preferences and contact information.


Pierre Breton


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