A word from the president

on 3 November 2017


To all our supporters.

We have just launched a campaign donation in our favor to help us through a difficult time financially.

 We cannot sanction any galas of the Quebec amateur Kickboxing as long as the Ministry of education does not approve a decree subtracting us from article 83.2 of the Canadian criminal code enforcement.

At a recent meeting between officials of the Department and those of the federations concerned, we were informed that the Department's lawyers and those of the Department of justice was working on this issue but that we will not see the result before may 2018.

This state of Affairs has for consequences that we are experiencing a significant loss of income. Meanwhile, our ongoing fixed costs of operation to be accumulated.

We therefore appeal to your generosity to fill this gap by donating to Placement-Sport/Kickboxing. In this way, we will receive your donation increased by 280% and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes (federal-provincial) to any donation over $ 25.00.

To do this, you can make a donation by clicking on make a donation on our web site www.kickboxingamateur.org. This will allow you to print a receipt for year-end tax for any amount of $ 25.00 and more for a donation by credit card immediately. You can also do it by check sent it with the form provided by Placement-Sport/kickboxing, then investment Sport will issue you a receipt by mail at year end.

If you believe in the merits of our Organization, please help us to ensure survival.

 "The sport get fear to dominate, to overcome fatigue, difficulty to beat." Pierre of Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games


Pierre Breton


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