A word from the president

Jan / Feb. 2019


I take that Word to wish you a happy new year 2019.


It looks full of upheaval. In boxing, various unfortunate events affect all combat sports. To reassure fans of our AMATEUR sports and their close, I want to emphasize that our officials and coaches are aware of, with the help of the Security Branch in the sports of the Ministry of Education of Quebec, the problem of concussions.


So we encourage coaches to discuss this issue with their students and to interrupt a fight (throwing the towel) when they judge their student in danger during a fight. Our referees are invited to give an eight standing count  (which does not exist in professional) or to stop the fight when they judge that an athlete is not able to continue (temporarily or not) fight.


The adventure of the casino of Montreal amateur competitions does not seem to continue on a regular basis in 2019. Several other coaches want to organize competitions in their region. Watch the list of these competitions on this website, under the section upcoming Gala.


Our 5 million liability insurance has been renewed for the period starting 1St December 2018 on the 1StDecember 2019. It therefore covers our activities and those of our clubs without lucrative purposes affiliated.


Some large groups have decided to become affiliated organizations and thus respecting our security regulations get their competitions are sanctioned by us. I will give you more detail in my next word of the President.


Pierre Breton


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