Quebec Amateur Kick-Boxing Corporation & A.D.

   Our Corporation received his letter of patent from the Quebec Government on the 1st February 1988. We are a non profit organisation. Our goals are to manage and promote amateur kick-boxing.

   To do so, our board of directors, is elected for a two year term, to implement the decisions of the annual general assembly. All members in good standing of the corporation may participate and take part in thoses decisions. Professional fighters may become members of the corporation in good standing and be active as officials, trainers, or any other activities, but not as fighters in an amateur fight.

Those are the members of the board of directors currently on duty  
Pierre Breton Yanick Bergeron  Alberto Mercedat Geneviève Banville Anick Poulin
President 1st Vice president 2nd Vice president 
 Treasurer  Secretary
Lionel Pasqualini Édiane Marquis  Pierre Saulnier   Réjean Bérubé  Tommy Pochat
   Director  Director  Director   Director  Director


(a) medical

(b) security regulations (revise and update in collaboration with Mr. Jérome Ouellet of the Department)

(c) officials and galas (train officials, designate those on duty at the galas) train and appoint officials on duty.

(d) coaches (to ensure the competence of the new and recommend their acceptance)

(e) ethics and discipline (promote codes of ethics, investigate and hold meetings of discipline)

(f) education and training

(g) update and improve the digital database, web site, social media

Denis Ouellet in charge.

(h) financial management


   Our security rules are approved by the Quebec Minister of Education, leisures and sports, and gives us the exclusive authority to manage our sport in the Province of Quebec. The law on security in sports give power to the Minister, to impose fines up to 10,000.00$ to anybody who transgress these security rules. Those fines may be added to any other penalties imposed by our corporation. To help us meeting our financial obligations, the Minister provides us with an annual operation subvention of 5,000.00$. We also have sports investment program by which the Government of Québec grants us an additional grant equal to average three (3) times the donations received.

   In order to apply these regulations, our principal activities are: to provide certification to the trainers, to train and certify the officials, sanction events and hold different levels of tournaments.  You may refer or download our security rules by going to the rules and regulations in the menu of this website.